Application of the GEREM model in SUDOANG

The GEREM (Glass Eel Recruitment Estimation Model) model is an analytical tool developed to estimate recruitment at different spatial scales. In this report we show how the GEREM model has been applied to the SUDOE area to obtain an estimation of recruitment at three spatial scales: SUDOE scale, subarea/region scale and basin scale, and we […]

Dialogue is key for eel management

Eel management in the SUDOE area is fragmented into several administrative units: basin, region and country. Furthermore, the commercial exploitation of this stock and its habitat (mainly for hydroelectric power use) affects many stakeholders whose interests need to be reconciled. For this reason, dialogue between them is fundamental, as we explain in the following video […]

A conceptual and physical model of the database

For a correct assessment of eel in the Sudoe area, data collection and assessment methods need to be standardised and thus comparable. In SUDOANG, we have coordinated with the managers to collect all the scattered information about: Eel abundance Distribution and biometric characteristics of the eel The impact of ecological discontinuities on the eel In […]