On 26 May, SUDOANG coordinator Estibaliz Díaz was invited to give a talk at the conference “The new Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 : opportunities and perspectives of cooperation in the Atlantic Area”. The Atlantic Strategy Committee (ASC) has been working to develop a renewed Atlantic Action Plan to give a new impetus to the Atlantic […]

Looking forward to seeing you in SUDOANG final event !

SUDOANG project is coming to an end and we are eager to share with you the products we have developed. On Monday, May 31, we will present GOVERNANG, the platform for eel governance. On Tuesday, June 1, we will present VISUANG, the interactive tool that allows to visualize eel data at basin, eel management unit, […]


Incorporating stakeholder knowledge in eel recruitment

The GEREM model has been proposed as a tool for estimating eel recruitment, but its complexity makes it difficult to be understood and accepted by all stakeholders. At SUDOANG, we proposed a co-parameterization of this assessment model to address this distrust. Using several questionnaires, stakeholders were involved in two important options of the model (area […]