Task groups

All about our task groups

SUDOANG is structured around 8 Task Groups (TGs), each Task Group led by a partner, with the contribution of the other partners. To achieve their objectives, the TGs are organized around several Activities, whose main result is a Product. As the project progresses, these products will be available by clicking on the links below.

In the TG Data Collection, all data on the eel and its habitat will be compiled in a database, which will be displayed in a user-friendly and attractive way, in the format of an eel atlas. Such data will be standardised by the TG Eel Monitoring Transnational Network, which will produce common protocols and templates and organise training seminars for those responsible for field and laboratory work. In the TG Estimation of Mortality caused by barriers, the task group will prepare an interactive map with the barriers that most impact the eel stock, in order to establish priorities in actions to improve river continuity. The Recruitment TG will use and adapt the GEREM model to estimate the entry of glass eels into river basins. By comparing these values with the escapement estimates, it will be possible to establish input/output balances during the eel continental phase. The Escapement TG will estimate the biomass of silver eels leaving the river basins to breed. The interactive web application will bring together the maps and tools developed by other TGs of the project. The TG Intersectoral and Intergovernmental Dialogue will explore new management approaches to address the administrative complexity of managing the species, with the focus on jointly building the eel governance platform.

Estimation of barrier-related mortality

Led by OFB


Estimate the impact of the turbines and compare it with the results of the silver eel biomass.


Estimate barrier-related mortality

Database collection and storage

Report on estimates of barrier-related mortality

Manual to estimating barrier-related mortality

Create an interactive map

Interactive map


Led by OFB


Estimate the silver eel biomass in the SUDOE area.


Estimate escapement


Transfer results of implementation of the model

Scientific article

Produce a silvering model for the SUDOE area

Map of silver eel in the SUDOE zone

Interactive web application

Led by AZTI


Prepare the interactive website.


Creating an interface to show the population pressures and status indicators

Map with status indicators

Map with pressure indicators

Piot basin map

Creating an interface to display the management scenarios

Tool that shows the management scenarios

Transferingf the tool developed


Eel stock monitoring transnational network

Led by FCUL


Create an eel monitoring network in the SUDOE area to monitor the status of the population in a harmonised way, using standardised methods for data collection.


Installing an eel pass in the River Nivelle

Setting up a recruitment series for the River Nivelle

Implementing an eel stock monitoring network

Database of SUDOE pilot basins

Intersectoral and intergovernmental dialogue

Led by the Lonxanet Foundation


Reinforce the cooperation between the stakeholders involved in the governance of the eel and its habitat.


Tools for improving dialogue

Training course on dialogue tools

Workshops on good governance (2)

Governance platform

Led by the Lonxanet Foundation


Propose the structure and composition of the eel governance platform.


Proposal for the future governance platform

Proposed structure and composition of the platform

Recommendations guide

Driving the implementation of the governance platform

Presentation of the platform