Technical Conference on Eel Monitoring

The technical days on eel monitoring are organized by the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB) during November 25-26. These days are dedicated to the monitoring of eel stocks in France, bringing together associations and those responsible for this monitoring. SUDOANG has had the opportunity to present part of its work, having a very interesting discussion […]

SUDOANG at the Global Eel Science Conference

The Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM) invited SUDOANG coordinator Estíbaliz Díaz (AZTI) to give a talk at the online event “Global Eel Science Conference” (November 12th), a series of talks about the efforts that are ongoing to protect and enhance anguillid eel populations across a range of countries. The presentation “From Gibraltar to the Mediterranean […]

Data collection and storage

Collecting data from various sources about eel populations is the first step towards the estimation of eel escapment to the sea. All data received have been collated in the SUDOANG database, whose structure is inherited from the database for eels (DBEEL), developed during the POSE project, which estimated potential and actual escapement of silver eel […]

Towards recovery of European eel in the Mediterranean Sea

The European eel was classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) after multiple factors – including habitat loss, overfishing, oceanic changes and an increase pollutant and pathogen levels –  had collectively contributed to the decline of the species. Scientists and administrations from nine countries (Albania, Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, […]

A proposal for the Eel Gouvernance platform

One of the reasons why European eel population has not recovered despite the Recovery Plan put in place by the EU in 2007 is the lack of common dialogue and strategies among the stakeholders involved (administrations, scientists, managers, the fishing industry, NGOs) and at different levels (local, regional, national). In an attempt to overcome this […]

Conclusions from the otolith reading workshop

One of the main goals of SUDOANG is to have common tools and methods that contribute to the conservation of the European eel and its habitat in the SUDOE zone (Spain, France and Portugal). In an attempt to stardardize age reading of eel otholiths, scientists from SUDOANG and from the Working Group on Eels (WGEEL) […]

Letter to the Eel on the World Fish Migration Day

Although most of the planned face-to-face events had to be cancelled due to the COVID, SUDOANG joined the worldwide celebration of obstacle-free rivers through a letter to the eel.

Do you know how EDA (Eel Density Analysis) works?

In Sudoang we present the results of the EDA model (Eel Density Analysis) to our associated partners which gives the abundance of silver eel in rivers. It is important that stakeholders involved in eel management and conservation validate the results obtained by the models to detect inconsistencies. In this video we briefly explain how the […]

The SUDOANG atlas is almost ready!

With the collaboration of all our partners and associates, we are finishing one of our main products: the eel distribution atlas. During this time, the characteristics of the habitat of the species and the obstacles blocking its passage have been collected and will soon be available in this atlas. In addition, all this information has […]

Why does it matter to protect the European eel?

European eel is critically endangered (IUCN 2014): glass eels entering European rivers are 10% of those that arrived before the 80s. A team of scientists, fishers, managers and NGOs worried by the eel situation decided to use knowledge to bring the eels back to our rivers. That’s how Sudoang was born.