Presentations of the Annual Meeting in Bordeaux are vailable

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting and you’re interested in what was discussed, here are the presentations and a video of the participants. SUDOANG welcome > Workshocontrol AFB OCLAESP DGDDI > Workshop control SEPRONA > Workshop Gobernance StoneSoup > Workshop Lonxanet Governance > Workshop EDA Shiny > Workshopcontrol GNR > Dam and hydropower […]

The SUDOANG Stakeholders Map

Who are the stakeholders involved in the management and conservation of the eel? What roles do they play? And, how do they relate to each other? One of SUDOANG’s objectives is to strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders involved in the governance of the eel and its habitat, by improving coordination and communication between eel managers […]

Annual Meeting 2019: see you in Bordeaux!

Next June, Sudoang will hold its 2019 annual meeting in Bordeaux (France) organized by IRSTEA. We have many objectives for this meeting: Firstly, on 17-18 June there will be a workshop on the reading of eel otoliths which will be attended by the technicians in charge of this task. After agreeing on common protocols for […]

Estíbaliz Díaz presentando el proyecto Lake

The SUDOANG coordinator showcases the project at the annual meeting of Operation Lake against eel traffickers

On 20 September, Estíbaliz Díaz (AZTI), the SUDOANG coordinator, took part in the Operation Lake meeting, invited by SEPRONA. Operation Lake is an initiative set up by Europol and involving numerous EU countries, in order to combat the illegal trafficking of eels and in particular to dismantle the organised crime groups that smuggle eels between […]

Curso de Lluis Zamora formación sobre los protocolos y técnicas para muestrear anguilas

How are eels sampled in SUDOANG?

On 27 and 28 June 2018, 25 people representing 10 SUDOANG partners gathered at Anglet University (France) for a course run by Agnes Bardonnet (INRA) and Isabel Domingos (FCUL-Mare). The aim of the course was to provide all the participants with training on the protocols and techniques for eel sampling (recruits and silver and yellow […]

Persona liberando anguilas europeas en el rio

LAUNCH MEETING IN LISBON: we are up and running

Between 30 May and 1 June 2018, the members of the Sudoang project met at Lisbon University, hosted by the SCIENCE FACULTY-LISBON UNIVERSITY, and our special thanks must go to Isabel Domingos, Rui Monteiro and María Joao Correia. There was a total of 51 people present representing 28 different entities. The aims of the meeting […]

Anguila europea en el río

SUDOANG project will help to restore the European eel population and its habitat in the SUDOE area, by providing common operating methods

In February, the European Union approved the implementation of the SUDOANG project, coordinated and led by AZTI and co-funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme of the European Regional Development Fund, the Fisheries Directorate of the Basque Government’s Ministry of Economic Development and Infrastructures, and Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The main aim of this initiative is to […]