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Why does it matter to protect the European eel?

European eel is critically endangered (IUCN 2014): glass eels entering European rivers are 10% of those that arrived before the 80s. A team of scientists, fishers, managers and NGOs worried by the eel situation decided to use knowledge to bring the eels back to our rivers. That’s how Sudoang was born.

Application of the GEREM model in SUDOANG

The GEREM (Glass Eel Recruitment Estimation Model) model is an analytical tool developed to estimate recruitment at different spatial scales. In this report we show how the GEREM model has been applied to the SUDOE area to obtain an estimation of recruitment at three spatial scales: SUDOE scale, subarea/region scale and basin scale, and we […]

Dialogue is key for eel management

Eel management in the SUDOE area is fragmented into several administrative units: basin, region and country. Furthermore, the commercial exploitation of this stock and its habitat (mainly for hydroelectric power use) affects many stakeholders whose interests need to be reconciled. For this reason, dialogue between them is fundamental, as we explain in the following video […]

A conceptual and physical model of the database

For a correct assessment of eel in the Sudoe area, data collection and assessment methods need to be standardised and thus comparable. In SUDOANG, we have coordinated with the managers to collect all the scattered information about: Eel abundance Distribution and biometric characteristics of the eel The impact of ecological discontinuities on the eel In […]

How is eel management done in the different SUDOANG countries?

Fragmentation in European eel management is one of the most important challenges for the conservation of this species. At the 2019 Annual Meeting in Bordeaux, participants of the SUDOANG consortium analysed eel management in the different SUDOANG countries. The conclusions have been compiled in a document briefly describing how this is done and which authorities […]

SUDOANG as a flagship project

INTERREG programme has been promoting territorial cooperation between regions for 30 years. To celebrate this 30th anniversary, INTERREG has chosen a flagship project for each month of this year. SUDOANG has been one of those chosen among those twelve flagship projects and the coordinator Estíbaliz Díaz has been interviewed in the March newsletter of INTERREG-SUDOE. […]