On 26 May, SUDOANG coordinator Estibaliz Díaz was invited to give a talk at the conference “The new Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 : opportunities and perspectives of cooperation in the Atlantic Area”.

The Atlantic Strategy Committee (ASC) has been working to develop a renewed Atlantic Action Plan to give a new impetus to the Atlantic maritime strategy.

The Action Plan is based on four pillars:

  • Ports at the heart of the blue economy,
  • Skills and ocean literacy,
  • Marine Renewable Energies and
  • Resilient Coasts,

The Action Plan aims to strengthen cooperation in this field and contribute to the European Green Deal, a socially inclusive model of sustainable development and job creation, while safeguarding marine and coastal environments and ensuring a healthy ocean.

The aim of the event was to highlight lessons learned from the past Atlantic Action Plan and other experiences of intergovernmental strategies and to identify opportunities and challenges for an ambitious future of Atlantic cooperation.

The recording of the event is available at here, Estibaliz Díaz’s presentation is from 1:19.

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