A proposal for the Eel Gouvernance platform

One of the reasons why European eel population has not recovered despite the Recovery Plan put in place by the EU in 2007 is the lack of common dialogue and strategies among the stakeholders involved (administrations, scientists, managers, the fishing industry, NGOs) and at different levels (local, regional, national).

In an attempt to overcome this situation, SUDOANG is exploring alternative governance methods such as the Eel Platform, presented in this deliverable document. Through a cooperative approach, the setting up of the multilevel platform has encouraged its members to address a complex problem which is impossible to solve solely from fragmented perspectives.

Right now, the platform consists of the different partners and associates currently taking part in the project. Once the platform is operational, it should aim to be recognised as a consultative body by decision-makers, which will certainly encourage other stakeholders to take part in it.

This Recommendations Guide aims to be an initial contribution to improving the management of the platform itself. The document includes those aspects that we consider essential for it to function properly.