Annual Meeting 2019: see you in Bordeaux!

Next June, Sudoang will hold its 2019 annual meeting in Bordeaux (France) organized by IRSTEA. We have many objectives for this meeting:

  • Firstly, on 17-18 June there will be a workshop on the reading of eel otoliths which will be attended by the technicians in charge of this task. After agreeing on common protocols for the collection of otoliths (June 2018) and on a sampling campaign in autumn 2018 and winter 2019, the participants will be able to solve their doubts in a joint exercise of calibration otoliths age reading.
  • Later, on 19-20-21 June, the general meeting of the project will be held, attended by the main and associate partners. Throughout those three days, various presentations will share the progress of the different subgroups during this last year and plan for future work. For example, we will display progress in the collection of physical data from basins, on the aggregation of data on dams and hydropower plants, the calculation of mortality at obstacles as well as progress in the implementation of the transnational eel monitoring network.

In addition, various participatory workshops will be held to discuss options and problems in implementing the silver eel population estimates, the design of the governance platform and how to improve effectiveness in investigating illegal eel trade and trafficking.

An attractive and stimulating program that we hope will be to everyone’s liking and will allow us to charge the batteries for another year of eel conservation work. We look forward to seeing you soon!