Next workshop in Sukarrieta (Basque Country. Spain)

SUDOANG will organize a workshop next December 2-3 2019 in Sukarrieta (Spain), at the heart of the beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Urdabai. Main beneficiaries and stakeholders of eel management and conservation sectors of Portugal, Spain and France, will gather in order to:

  • Show and validate the estimated eel biomass predicted by the model (EDA, Eel Density Analysis).
  • Show the implementation of the model (GEREM) that estimates eel exploitation and recruitment rates. Also, to choose the most relevant indicators that should be shown in the tools developed to help managers.
  • Define which mortality data by hydropower station and escape data will be shown in the Interactive Atlas and at what spatial resolution level.
  • Training action on improving dialogue and Governance. Definition of the structure and composition of the Governance platform by integrating the results of the survey.

See agenda here