Estíbaliz Díaz presentando el proyecto Lake

The SUDOANG coordinator showcases the project at the annual meeting of Operation Lake against eel traffickers

On 20 September, Estíbaliz Díaz (AZTI), the SUDOANG coordinator, took part in the Operation Lake meeting, invited by SEPRONA.

Operation Lake is an initiative set up by Europol and involving numerous EU countries, in order to combat the illegal trafficking of eels and in particular to dismantle the organised crime groups that smuggle eels between Europe and Asia.

Estíbaliz Díaz took this opportunity to showcase SUDOANG, its objectives, challenges and how the project can help to stop trafficking. Specifically, SUDOANG will support the security forces of the three countries of the SUDOE area, by providing them with scientific advice and generating meeting spaces where all the stakeholders involved in eel management can pool knowledge and experiences to help to fight trafficking.